Public 3/3 Tournament (half map)

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29 Jul 2022, 15:15

The Public Half map Tournament

We are happy to announce to bring some Action here so we decided to start our 1st Tournament based on Halfmap complitation

How to regestry to the tournament? :

Write under this thread a reply , with

CS nick :
Steam :
(If yes pls send your profile here as link)

Your teammates (cs Nick)
Steam profile if they got one


it will be a 3 vs 3 tournament ! so each team has an amount of 3 players
After the regestry you will get invited into our discord chat
you and your team will get a special role , which allowes you to see the right hidden chat for more infos
It will be a K.O tournament with the classical tournament tree,
A round will contain 3 maps , we play best of 3 means who won twice comes into the next round
in one map we play max 15 rounds means who won 8 times wons the map
you also get also time to warm up before starting the map

Rules :

By breaking the rules it can result a disqualification on the tournament

Using cheats/scripts : disqualification from the tournament + a permanent ban from all phobia servers
Flaming , swearing , insulting , racist speachess : warning , if continueing, disqualfication on the tournament
Using bugs (such as map bugs like under map) : 1 warning , then disqualfication on the tournament

Prizes :

1st place : 30 euro steam wallet + 3 months admin privileges for free
2nd place : 15 euro steam wallet + 1 month admin privileges for free
3th place : 3 months admin privileges for free
Fair play Throphy : 3 month vip rivileges for free

Announce : the tournament can only start if at least 4 teams regestry on the tournament!
One by one we see the sun...
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