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Your applications for Chief ADMIN privilegies on servers. Please read application form first.
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Wed Jan 12, 2022 6:25 pm

Application server (which server is requesting: CLASSIC / PUBLIC, DUST2, DUST2x2)

Level of English: Excellent Very good.

Additional languages: 8 languages ​​(English, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian)

In-game nickname: tatt0

Discord username: tatt0#6650

Link to your account
Steam: Steam ID: 76561197965581214

Real Name: Dragan

Age: 21

Country: Montenegro

How long do you play Counter-Strike 1.6 ?: 14 years

Have you donated to PHOBIA ?: No

Tell us about her experience as an ADMIN. Have you ever worked on any other projects ?: I had experience with commands and I was on many servers admin for a long time, I also kept a couple of servers such as (public, zm, csdm, surf ...) i closed because i have a no time to work on them.

The reason for the request (Tell us the reason for your request. Why exactly do you want to be part of our team? How useful can it be?): I love the players and the people in it too, the community with experienced players has attracted me and I want to help maintain it. I also want to prevent zithers from destroying the server.

How much time do you spend playing on our servers ?: 5-8 hours per day.

Do you take responsibility not only for BAN and judging, but also for UNBAN players ?: Sure, Any Inappropriate Activity remove from the administration.

Introduce yourself (tell us more about yourself, such as hobbies, other skills, your free time soon):Hi, I'm Dragan Mirovic from Montenegro, I'm 21 years old, I'm a professional soldier ... Hobbies I like to play games in my free time
I train athletics.
I love playing on Public Phobia, that I became a JESUS ​​class.
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Wed Jan 12, 2022 9:33 pm

Hello Dragan,

Your application was accepted. Welcome, you are now our new Server Admin.
Good luck further!
Please do provide the steam id of your cs that you play with too.

Phobia Staff
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