Tetusis Application

Your applications for Chief ADMIN privilegies on servers. Please read application form first.
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Thu Apr 01, 2021 3:52 pm

Application server (Which server you are applying for - CLASSIC/PUBLIC , DUST2 , DUST2x2) Zombie Plague

English level (bad, normal, fluent, excellent) Fluent

Extra languages (russian, albanian, lithuanian, spanish, italian, etc) Lithuanian

In-Game NickName Tetusis

Discord username (for example: pauldrabi#9117) Pear#5387

Link to your steam account https://steamcommunity.com/id/whydoyoucom/

Real name Robertas

Age 24

Country Lithuania

How long do you play Counter-Strike 1.6? Since 2005

Have you donated to PHOBIA? No

Tell us about your experience being ADMIN. Have you ever worked on any other project? Yes

The reason for applying (Tell us your applying reason. Why do you want to become a part exactly of our crew? How useful you can be?) I would sincerely like to help this community to achieve cheat-free enviroment and increase security onto the server by providing consistent overwatch.

How much time you spend playing in our servers? From 2 to 5 hours depends.

Do you take responsibility not only to BAN and judge but also UNBAN players? Yes I do.

Introduce yourself (Tell us more about yourself, like hobbies, other skills, your free time shortly) There is nothiing interesting to say, I am sorry.
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Fri Apr 02, 2021 10:21 am

Hello, Robertas.

There were few questions answered not informative enough but even though your application was ACCEPTED.
Your attention and activity on this project is exemplary. Keep the good work up.

Good luck!
Sinceraly, PHOBIA administration.
PHOBIA GN Servers:
CS.PHOBIA.LT:27015 # Classic
CS.PHOBIA.LT:27017 # DUST2x2
CS.PHOBIA.LT:27019 # Zombie Plague.
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