p0sitiv3 Application

Your applications for Chief ADMIN privilegies on servers. Please read application form first.
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Sun Mar 14, 2021 7:53 pm

Application server - PUBLIC
English level - Normal
Extra languages - LV,RUS,ENG,And some words lt ;D
In-Game NickName - p0sitiv3
Discord username - I don`t use it.
Real name - Elvijs
Age - 28
Country - Latvia
How long do you play Counter-Strike 1.6? - ohh..when i was 8 years old and then with big pauses..
Have you donated to PHOBIA? - No
Tell us about your experience being ADMIN. Have you ever worked on any other project? - When i was young i had a server and i help other servers to admin.. with that i guess i don`t have a problem.. maybe something forget.. but that normal and with time will be fine :) i just wana help server grow up

The reason for applying (Tell us your applying reason. Why do you want to become a part exactly of our crew? How useful you can be?) - i don`t wana long write..because my english writing is not very good.. but after giving admin i will show you all i am not bad admin :) i will do my best
How much time you spend playing in our servers? - sometime 2-3 h sometime 6-7..

Introduce yourself (Tell us more about yourself, like hobbies, other skills, your free time shortly) - Hoby i have football but if u realy wana know about me something just text me :) i will answer you.
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Tue Mar 16, 2021 5:54 am

Hello, Elvijs,

Your application cannot be considered due to following reasons:

1. You didn't fit requirements. (Read all the requirements provided in THIS thread)
  • You must have Discord and join our server before applying.
  • You didn't linked your steam account.
  • You must be a member of our community for atleast 1 week.

However you seemed to be a good candidate but firstly make sure you will fit all these requirements. Legal version of a game required for Chief Administrators and everything else that is missing is easy to implement. I'm not closing the topic and still waiting for you until you're done with requirements.

Good luck!
Sinceraly, PHOBIA administration.
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Wed Apr 07, 2021 11:48 am

Thank you for the time you dedicated to write your application form but it seems you are not interested at all in being part of our team.
Your application was open for more than 2 weeks waiting for u to fill the empty points thing u didn't in time.

For this reason i will REJECT your application!!

Feel free to Apply in 1 month from now!!