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Staff Application

Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2021 6:06 pm
by DarkShadow
Application server (all servers)
English level (goodt)
Extra languages (arabic french and english)
In-Game NickName
Discord username (for example: pauldrabi#9117)
Link to your steam account
Real name amine
age 17
Country tunisia
How long do you play Counter-Strike 1.6? 4-5 years
Have you donated to PHOBIA? no
Tell us about your experience being ADMIN. Have you ever worked on any other project? i have an admin experience i was an admin in game before 3 months
The reason for applying (Tell us your applying reason. Why do you want to become a part exactly of our crew? How useful you can be?)im an old cs player and im activ in discord + ingame (offline those days) and i know we will have players.and the players dont know about rules etc..that is my reason for fix our cs servers and none will break rules or try it.and i see in this 5 years there is much cheaters and much personnes / players breaking rules and this is a bad thing and i have an admin exerience ingame and there is personnes all time insulting in other langs ingame and i can talk much langs and i know how they talk so. and it will be a pleasure to come with you guys and spend a good time with you

How much time you spend playing in our servers? for now just 4 hours or 3
Do you take responsibility not only to BAN and judge but also UNBAN players? ofc ,when some1 break rules or something like this he will take a ban and i can unban players ,i have knowledge and i can to be a mod or something llike this but step by step :)
Introduce yourself (Tell us more about yourself, like hobbies, other skills, your free time shortly) name is amine im tunisian im 17 years old i can talk 3 langs english arabic french im muslim and my favorite lang is an old cs player and i was playing in much communty i play cs from 2010-2011 im a pro cs player too and my name ingame is mostly DarkShaodw and i like to play video games and my hoby is playing too.i play cs1.6 and cszero sometimes and league of legends .i like to play with my friends and make some fun .i have a steam account on it cs1.6 cs zero and learning some stuffs in school and i work in summer .i like to play football game with my friends....feel free to add me and play together in steam

Re: Staff Application

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2021 1:26 pm
by Citizen